About Us

The “Emanzipatorische Block” (eng. Emancipatory Block) is a left radical alliance which was formed spontaneously in 2015 because of the necessity to be involved in the Christopher Street Day (CSD) Leipzig. The CSD is a good example of how radical queer-feminism does not work. The CSD Leipzig wages a struggle in which it directs its demands at the state, and not against it. For the CSD it is about the equality of women*, same-sex marriage, changes in law and education politics as well as the freedom of personal expression. Although we consider these demands as legitimate, they are not enough! In the end, the currently excluded will be exploited and oppressed in the same way other people are, too. That’s why, we position ourselves in critical solidarity. We want to give back to the CSD its political explosive force!

Übersetzer*in / translated by: Lynn